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What's for Breakfast with That’s Food: CJSR Fundrive 2021

A breakfast sandwich bakeoff, coffee tasting, and breakfast debate? Listen now to our special episode for Fundrive 2021!

The Connection Between Indigenous Cultures and Food

In this week's episode, tune in to learn about the significance of food in Indigenous culture. Podcast producer Simran Pherwani met with Chef Scott Iserhoff, an Indigenous Chef and founder of Pei Pei Chei Ow Catering Company in Edmonton to discuss how Indigenous culture and food are intertwined, and how food can be a way to heal and feel connected to one's roots and culture.

Rating Gluten-Free Cookies in Edmonton

On a gluten-free diet and miss childhood treats like cookies? Join host Saveta Cartwright and her guest AJ Dimas-Lehndorf as they rate gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from around Edmonton.

Aspects of Aspic

Aspics are a dish made by suspending ingredients (usually vegetables) in gelatin. In mid-20th century Western culture, aspics were basically a domestic art form. These days, most people seem to find them horrifying. Join host Katelin Karbonik as she makes a vintage aspic recipe in an attempt to discover what the appeal of gelatin-based salads could possibly be.

Can Nanaimo Bars be Appropriated?

This week's episode discusses culinary appropriation with Dr. Helen Vallianatos, an anthropologist. Podcast producer Saveta Cartwright explores the limits and differences between appropriation, appreciation, and integration. And how does it all connect back to a humble dessert from Nanaimo, BC?

Is Cake Really A Piece of Cake?

Is there a difference between an expensive cake and a cheap cake? Is it just the customization that’s expensive or is there a difference in flavour and quality? Can I make homemade cakes with great flavour without spending a lot of money? Podcast producer Bobby explores all of these questions and much more in today’s episode.

Mushroom 101: Wild and Cultivated

A deep dive into mushroom growing and picking with local Alberta mushroom experts.

Coffee: Fuel for the Machine

It's no secret that drinking coffee is a cultural phenomenon in North America. But why is that, and what does it say about our culture?

Understanding Food Waste and Food Insecurity with Leftovers Foundation

In this episode, Melania Antoszko spoke to Garnet Borch, the Leftovers Foundation Edmonton City Coordinator about food waste, how to minimize it in your household, and the relationship between food redirection organizations and long-term solutions to food insecurity.

Ukrainian Food Canon

What is Ukrainian food? In this episode, podcast producer Katelin Karbonik (a fourth or fifth generation Ukrainian) asks first-generation Ukrainian Christina Strilets about what Ukrainian food is like both here in the Prairie diaspora and back in Ukraine.

All of Your Halloween Questions Answered (FunDrive Edition)

A discussion of the best Halloween candy. The ghosts of Halloween costumes past. This is our yearly fundraising episode - FunDrive 2020. Go to https://www.cjsr.com/2020/10/whats-the-411-on-fundrive-2020/ to see all the sweet, sweet swag available for donors! Link to donate: cjsr.com/donate Text CJSR to 41010 to donate 10$ Thank you so much for supporting local, independent radio and podcasting!

Make it Vegan! How to Veganize Meat

As many of you have noticed, veganism is on the rise. A vegan or plant-based diet excludes all animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs. In this episode, Maryam Shaheed interviews Martin Flint, a vegan chef who learned his trade at Padmanadi to learn more about how he makes different vegan meats that appeal to even non-vegans.

Farm to Plate: Food Traceability in Alberta

What is traceability and why is it important? In this episode, Melania Antoszko spoke to Hubert Lau, CEO and President of TrustBix on food traceability, the future of food systems, and how you can be more informed on where your food comes from.

How to Eat Healthy for Students

Healthy eating can sound incredibly daunting, especially to those who don’t know where to start. As university students, this can be a struggle on top of balancing an already busy schedule. In this episode, Simran Pherwani interviewed Anissa Armet, a registered dietitian and PhD student at the University of Alberta to talk about tips for students to eat healthier including how to read a nutrition label, meal prep, and make easy and nutritious snacks.

A Perfect Glass of Milk

In this week’s episode, Katelin Karbonik reminisces about an extraordinary batch of pancakes she made in France with her friend Laura and asks Dan Wong, President of the Western Dairy Council, what makes the perfect glass of milk here in Canada?

Fruit in Edmonton: Will It Grow?

The harsh Canadian winter isn’t known to be kind to wildlife. Especially in Edmonton, one of the coldest places in Canada. That's Food producer Ralph Garcia (not known for his gardening knowledge) finds five different kinds of fruits and does some research on how to make them thrive in the frigid climate. Additional music by Lukrembo, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

A Burger Story: Jack’s Burger Shack

Burgers are one of the country’s most popular foods, and while there are many options to choose from, some definitely stand out. In today’s episode, Maryam Shaheed interviews Tu Le, the co-owner of Jack’s Burger Shack to learn more about his story, what makes their burgers special, and their plans for the future.

Sunday with Edmontonians with Food

As you may already know, we specialize in telling food stories in Edmonton, Alberta, and we’ve produced a whole series of podcast episodes in the first season. But in this season, That's Food producer Sophia Yang tried something different, and technically a tricky way of storytelling. As someone who works in the food industry in this extraordinary time, Sophia is a hundred percent sure things have changed in our food scene. In this episode, Sophia goes on the streets and interview random Edmontonians who have something to do with food and check on how they’re doing. (Oh, and don’t worry, she's been wearing a mask and kept perfect social distancing the whole time.)

Best Donuts in Edmonton

Melania Antoszko went on a journey to find the best donuts in Edmonton. She went to Bliss Baked Goods, Safeway, Take 5, Ohana Donuterie and Italian Bakery. Keep listening to find out which one was crowned as the best donut in Edmonton. If we missed your favourite, please send it to us at thatsfood@cjsr.com or DM us on Instagram at thatsfoodcjsr.

Season 2 Official Trailer

Did we just make a whole season all of the sudden?? (Not really. It took us the whole summer.) That's Food is coming back with nine regular episodes, and will be dropping one episode every Monday starting August 31st. Take a bite on our trailer and stay tuned!

Quarantine Special: Baking Successes and Fails

Quarantine has really made everyone get their baking hats on and create some mouthwatering masterpieces (Great Canadian Baking show please take us!). But what about the crazy baking fails that no one shares? In this episode, Simran Pherwani interviewed 9 UofA students about the most extravagant thing they baked during quarantine as well as their most hilarious baking fail. Listen to hear their incredible stories!

Quarantine Special: New Food Discovered

If you have listened to our first quarantine special, you already know our producers are trying easy food to make at home. Since we’ve been living in this New Normal for over two months now, oatmeal every day starts to be too much. Without further ado, let us help you discover new recipes (that can actually be processed)! In this episode, That’s Food producer Melania Antoszko, Katelin Karbonik, Sophia Yang, and Ralph Garcia shared the food and recipes they discovered during the quarantine. Jump into our new special episode with a snack fact about everyone’s quarantine pet —— sourdough.

Quarantine Special: Easy Food to Make

Things are different in our lives now. In terms of food, we're also adjusting to new home cooking styles. That's why we decide to drop two quarantine-special episodes for our listeners before diving into our regular season 2 episodes. In this episode, That's Food producers Ralph Garcia, Melania Antoszko, and Katelin Karbonik introduce some of their easy food to make during this special time. May the sound of food gives you that therapy you always want. (Snack fact by Sophia Yang.)

That's A Wrap

It's the end of the season and we decide to make a wrap for you. In this episode, That's Food producers Dan Collera, Ralph Garcia, Katelin Karbonik, and Sophia Yang sit around in CJSR's studio A and wrap up the first season of our show. This is the bonus episode where you can learn the facts and myths of That's Food, for example, why is the show called "That's Food" anyway? As That's Food reveals the backstory to Edmonton's food, That's A Wrap reveals the backstory to That's Food. (If you're also into Star Wars, you may already knew that the name of this episode rhymes with that famous line of Admiral Ackbar.)

Our Deceased Grandmother

According to creedictionary.com, the Cree word for cucumber is ᓄᐦᑯᒥᐸᐣ (nohkomipan): my deceased grandmother, a sound-alike for the French word concombre. In this episode, Katelin Karbonik asks what some of the local indigenous foods are that can be found around Edmonton. In the process, we talk to Laura Mushumanski, creator and coordinator of the Indigenous Campus Community Nutrition Program, and discover the power of food to recall memories and relationships - both good and bad. Finally, we talk to Universal School Food Strategy Coordinator Scott Hall about some of the innovative foods programs in Maskwacis, a First Nations community that is working to strengthen relationships between kids, food, and their community.

The Most Edmonton Food

What is Edmonton’s signature food? In this episode, Sophia Yang goes on a trip to try three popular foods in Edmonton, nominated by her friends from University. Rating the foods for their originality, taste, and Edmonton-ness, which one of the foods would win Sophia’s heart? And, most importantly, which one of the dishes makes her feel most like an Edmontonian?

Chai Time

In today’s episode, Melania Antoszko sits down with Zee Zaidi, the founder and owner of Edmonton-based Remedy Cafe. Grab a hot cup of chai and listen as Zee shares his advice on building a successful business and the importance of chai to Remedy’s and Zee’s story.

Taste of Edmonton

There’s a lot of food in Edmonton - especially at Taste of Edmonton, one of Canada’s largest food festivals. In this episode, Ralph Garcia speaks with Milena Santoro, of the Board of Directors for Events Edmonton. We talk about how food can bring communities together, how to address issues with sustainability, and more.

Birthday on the Picket Line

On June 21, 1986, Cari-Lynn Peevey celebrated her sixth birthday party the way most birthdays are celebrated: with cake. Unlike most birthdays, however, this party took place on the picket line of the Gainers meatpacking strike. In this episode, producer Dan Collera interviews Renee Peevey, Cari-Lynn’s mother and a unionized employee at Gainers in 1986. They discuss her experience of the strike, including what it meant to manage the picket line and a family. This episode was also produced by Brandi Kueber.

How Kind Ice Cream Plans to Survive Edmonton’s Winter

To find out how businesses that sell cold food in Edmonton survive our signature wintertime, producer Sophia Yang sets her sights on Kind Ice Cream in Edmonton’s Ritchie neighbourhood. In this episode, Sophia interviews Paula Shyba, co-founder of Kind Ice Cream, about ice cream stories in winter Edmonton. Is our city ready to embrace more ice cream and waffle cones? Check out this episode (with a mind blowing fact about ice cream/Edmonton)!

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